Sliding Scale Maternity Care

The Best Midwifery Care when you need it most

Safe, quality maternity care should be accessible to all women. We are working hard to provide pregnancy, birth and postpartum care to as many women as possible.

Midwifery care should be as affordable as any other obstetric care. We are on the road to ensuring all women can receive well-informed, comprehensive maternity care where your choices are honored and birth is as natural a process as it was intended to be.

More women are asking for care providers that they can not only trust for their specific needs, but also those of their growing family. Many women already trust the care our Midwives provide. Discover what makes us different.

Oftentimes, we receive inquiries from women that find themselves having to make abrupt, last minute changes in their obstetric care.

Are you in your third trimester and looking for midwifery care because of a last minute change in insurance or other untimely circumstance? We might be able to help. We are now offering discounted care for a greatly reduced cost.

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Qualifications include:

– Must be 28 weeks or later in pregnancy
– Must meet our care guidelines for management
– Must be experiencing a normal, otherwise healthy pregnancy
– Must meet income qualifications of no more than $59,000 per    year for your entire family
– Must have verifiable income