Our Birth Services

Would you like to minimize interventions in labor and be in control of your birth plan? Would you like a snack? A drink that isn’t ice chips? Imagine yourself swaying, moving your baby down as you hum and dance to your favorite music?  At NOVA Natural Birth Center you can do just that!

Do you feel vulnerable thinking about lying flat on your back? Here, you can give birth in any position, in the birth pool, in the shower, on the bed, or any other place you feel is working to bring your baby to birth. Your midwife will follow you around!

Family, friends, siblings can all be with you or as close as a comfy recliner in the hall or lobby. It is amazing how much better you will feel just by wearing your own clothes. And, of course, you and your baby are never separated. Your midwife will weigh and examine the baby right there in your bed next to you.

NOVA Natural Birth Center is the place to have your birth by design!

Natural birth is so much easier when you can relax, get into your zone and follow your body’s labor cues. Having your baby with the Midwives and Staff at NOVA Natural Birth Center is like staying in a luxury hotel room, complete with your own concierge, your favorite foods and… icy cold lemonade, anyone?

NOVA Natural Birth Center will keep you comfortable!

  • Quiet, private luxurious rooms
  • Queen-sized beds
  • Home style linens and pillows
  • Water birth tubs
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Comfortable sitting area with couches and chairs
  • That “just right” ambiance
Our Lotus Birth Suite