Natural BirthWhat is Natural Birth?

Birth is a normal physiologic process.  Healthy women’s bodies have all that they need  to give birth to healthy babies.  Birth is safe and normal for healthy women. These are the basic truths of natural birth.  Intervention into the natural process of birth can create problems that interfere with this normal life event for women. Natural birth avoids common interventions such as labor induction and augmentation with Pitocin®, amniotomy (“breaking the water”), epidurals, IVs, continuous electronic fetal monitoring, and episiotomies. 

Natural birth is a beautiful process by which women bring new life into the world. Natural birth encourages bonding by never separating mother and baby, unless it is absolutely necessary. Natural birth is the normal way for babies to start their lives and for mothers to become mothers. 

Natural birth starts with healthy mothers.  Midwives encourage mothers to become as healthy as possible during their pregnancy.  Healthy women have healthy births, so midwives work with women to optimize their nutrition, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and prepare emotionally and physically for the work of birth.

Natural birth is best supported by the Midwives Model of Care®.  Instead of intervening in the natural process of birth, midwives recommend women eat and drink as desired during labor, move freely as desired, and labor in water, if desired, to help relieve the discomfort of contractions.  Midwives encourage women to give birth in whatever position or place feels “right” to her.  Rather than cutting episiotomies, midwives use warm compresses, oils, and support to minimize tearing.  Rather than watching the clock and requiring women to give birth by a particular time, midwives watch the woman and her process, making sure that she has all that she needs to give birth safely in her own time.

Natural birth challenges a woman to move through a process that, at times, can push her to her limits.  In those moments, women discover the strength that will carry them all through their mothering, and couples discover the capacity to nurture each other and work together through one of the biggest challenges they will face together.

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