The Advantages of Home Birth

Why do people choose to give birth at home?  Here are some of the reasons our clients have given us for why they’ve chosen to have their babies at home:
  1. You are much less likely to have a cesarean with a home birth.  The c-section rate for home births is about 5%, but it is over 40% in most Northern Virginia Hospitals.
  2. Hospitals are for sick people, and pregnancy is not an illness.
  3. Since hospitals are full of sick people, you are much more likely to get sick there than at home.  You are a lot less likely to get an antibiotic resistant infection at home.
  4. Saves money.  The midwife’s fee is much less than the hospital and OB.
  5. No temptation to get an epidural.  If it isn’t there, you can’t have it.
  6. Everyone there is invited.  Nobody shows up in your birth room unless you choose for them to be there.  Your birth can be as private or as public as you want it to be.
  7. You don’t have to go anywhere. No bumpy rides to the hospital or birth center in the middle of contractions.
  8. You get to eat your own food.  No worries about food allergies or food you don’t like.
  9. You get to be in your own comfy bed after the birth.  Your home is always more comfortable than the nicest hospital room.
  10. No ID bracelet for you or your baby.
  11. Want everything to be “green?”  At home, you get to decide which soaps you use, whether to use reusable products instead of disposables, and you can even recycle your placenta!
  12. Control.  You can open the windows, turn down the lights, play whatever music you like, do whatever you want.  It is your home, and you control the environment there.
  13. Wear whatever you want.  No hospital gown.  Wear anything or go naked. We don’t care.
  14. No visitor’s hours.  Your family can come and go whenever YOU please, and not just during a specified time.
  15. No giant parking lot and endless hallways.
  16. Home smells like home.  Hospitals smell like hospitals.
  17. Cuddling.  It is really hard to cuddle with your hubby in a hospital bed.
  18. Sleep.  Nobody comes in, wakes you up, and checks your vitals every half hour after the birth.  We show you how to do that yourself, and don’t ask that you wake up to do it.
  19. Your birth plan becomes a list of what you want, and not what you don’t want.
  20. If you need it, the hospital is open 24 hours.  But, you probably won’t need it.

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