Lotus RoomNOVA Natural Birth Center offers midwifery model of care in a safe and comfortable "almost home" birthing environment with Certified Professional Midwives. These midwives are the experts in out-of-hospital birth. The CPM is the only credential that requires out of hospital birth experience. CPM's know natural birth in the out of hospital setting as no other provider knows birth! We plan to incorporate the Certified Nurse Midwife credential in the future as well. CNM's currently work predominantly in hospitals but some also do home or birth center births.

NOVA Natural Birth Center is an alternative to the hospital for families desiring a natural birth but are not sure home birth fits their needs. It is also an opportunity for those whose home or living circumstances do not offer the comfortable place the couple would want for their baby's birth. In case of emergencies and transfers, the nearest hospital is about 10 minutes away. 

NOVA Natural Birth Center has many of the same advantages as home birth, such as greater parental control, non-interventive care, freedom to eat and move during labor, the option to give birth in any position, and to have family and friends attend the birth.  You wear your own clothes.  You and your baby are never separated.  Your midwife is also your baby's care provider and she will examine the baby right there in your bed next to you. 

You will be giving birth in a private luxurious birthing suite, not a clinical setting.  Our birthing suites feature:
  • Queen-sized beds
  • Soft linens and plentiful pillows
  • Water birth tubs in every birth room for women to use to relax in during labor and birth
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Comfortable sitting area with couches, chairs and an electric fireplace and ceiling fan to control the temperature in the room, and keep you comfortable
  • Access to our kitchen, so you can bring a microwaveable meal to cook after the birth
NOVA Natural Birth Center will become a familiar place to you over the course of your pregnancy as you attend your prenatal visits, childbirth classes, fitness classes and possibly massage or chiropractic appointments here.   You will  know the place and the people who work here.    Our care is personal and comfortable in our  relaxed, unhurried atmosphere. When you come for the birth of your baby, it will feel almost like home.

Some of our families have shared their birth experiences on YouTube. Click the links below to see video slideshows of births at NOVA Natural Birth Center:

Welcoming Naomi
Birth of Nicholas

NOVA Natural Birth Center
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