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Natural Birth and Natural Healthy Lifestyle-Our Goals for You!

Giving birth is one of the most amazing events in a woman’s life. You deserve to have the care that helps you get what you want from your birth experience. Our Midwives love to help families bring their babies into the world, and will be by your side every step of the way. After all, midwife means “with woman”. We are experienced birth professionals who will walk with you as you birth just as your body was designed to birth – naturally, with loving support, and in your own way.

Exceptional team of experienced and caring Midwives

Our midwives are committed to spending time with you. We will answer all your questions; if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. You will be able to understand and navigate confusing medical jargon, and make informed decisions about your natural birth. After your baby is born, we continue to guide and support you and your family throughout the first six weeks of your baby’s life. Learn more about our midwives here.

Lovely, luxurious Birthing Rooms with Ensuite and Birth Pools

Natural Birth is so much easier when you are relaxed and in a familiar and comfortable environment. Soft linens, low lighting, your own music, peaceful quiet, recliners and plenty of cozy places to sit, lay down or walk around. The less the stress and tension, the more confidence you have to let your body perform the ancient, yet same for all times, the miraculous process of bringing a baby to birth. Learn more about the birth center here.

Well Woman and Family Wellness Care

Natural Birth leads to natural health and wellness in other areas of your life. NOVA Natural Birth Center is a place for the entire family. Well Woman care includes annual check ups, fertility awareness information and other options. Chiropractic and Massage, Nutrition Classes, Yoga and more are all here at the birth center. Check out our wellness services here.

Birth Center and Home Birth

Looking for a natural birth at our birth center or thinking about a home birth? NOVA Natural Birth Center’s team of midwives has helped hundreds of Northern Virginia families give birth outside of the hospital since 2005.

Will your family be next? Explore, interact with us via social media, contact us, and join a free info session. Let’s work together to plan your incredible birth by design!

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Free Consultation at NOVA Natural Birth Center

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Our Service Area: NOVA Natural Birth Center midwives serve families throughout the entire Northern Virginia area and about 50 + miles surrounding our Chantilly location. We are near the Dulles International Airport and serve the following communities,  Aldie, South Riding, Centreville, Dulles, Fairfax, Falls Church, Reston, Herndon, Ashburn, Sterling, Leesburg, Arlington,  Alexandria, Annandale, Burke, Springfield, Manassas,  Woodbridge, Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow,  and beyond. We also attend home births in these areas. Some couples come to the birth center from Washington DC, Maryland and beyond. If you live near the border of our service area, we may, depending upon your exact location, still be able to help you or refer you to a midwife who lives closer to you.

#Homebirth, #Hospitalbirth, or #BirthCenter birth? Which did you choose and why? ... See MoreSee Less

#Homebirth, #Hospitalbirth, or #BirthCenter birth? Which did you choose and why?

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Homebirth because I wanted to me the most comfortable in my own surroundings so I could relax and make labor go faster. Plus, fewer germs and ones I an baby already had antibodies to. Birth center was not in existence for my first, but I still picked home for my second. Also, not having the temptation of pain killers was another reason. It was a good thing, too, because I had double peak contractions my entire labor with my second and never got a chance to recover between them until transition. So glad both were born at home.

Birth Center! Hospital for first three and they were a mess (loud, bright, no freedom to move, "don't push, doctor isn't here yet") . The Birth Center birth was quiet, beautiful and peaceful!

Baby #1 was stillborn in the hospital at 30 weeks. Baby #2, we were taken to the SAME LDR as our first, and there was no way to switch. The nurses thought I was 'being ridiculous'. So, after a failed epidural that gave me horrendous side effects, trauma at the birth, and overbearing family who wouldn't leave me alone to birth my child, we decided we would have just the one child and not go through that again. 4 years later, we decided together that we would like to welcome another little one to our family. We chose a home birth. Our midwives were kind and sweet, but family was vocally vicious while stating their opposition. By family I mean mother. The rest didn't care what we did as long as we kept them out of it, because overbearing mother would turn her drama toward them. I'm sure the home birth would have gone much easier if the midwife didn't insist that I must be mistaken about how fast my contractions were coming, since they were erratic but intense. Midwife didn't make it in time for baby #3. Mother dearest had promised to come, decided something else was more important last minute, so husband and I were completely alone and unsupported. Que postpartum depression. Baby #3 was fine. Baby #4 was a surprise, after we had moved across the country for husband's job. Lost and overwhelmed by how different Virginia is from home, I found an OB/GYN. Eight different ones in the same office. I'd maybe meet the one who would deliver my baby. After a few months of waiting over an hour for my 15 minute appointment every time, I started really looking for another option. We found NOVA. We walked in for the first consult presentation, and my whole body just relaxed. The lighting, the colors, the warm welcome when we walked in the door made me cry, it was so much what I needed. We decided that a birth center birth was what we wanted this time around. Uneventful pregnancy, except the gestational diabetes. My goal was a midwife attended birth, so keeping those blood sugars down was crucial. The big day came at 4 in the morning. I called Mayanne, and she asked that we wait an hour and call her back. Totally understandable, but OHHHHH boy . . . Water breaks a few minutes later (sorry for no snooze button, Mayanne!!) and she told us to come in. We arrived at the birth center at 6 am, and Baby #4 arrived just an hour later. Mayanne, Shawna and Blanca made me feel so supported and safe, I was able to relax and just do what I needed to do. I remember Mayanne telling me to get ready to catch him, and I remember saying, "Already??" Haha!

Emily Friedly... Thank you so much for sharing your experience! You seriously brought me to tears with this post. You are a true testament to why we do what we do. Thank you!! 😍😍

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